Our flagship pest control product

About Warrenater

Warrenater is a remote-controlled burrow blasting device which effectively removes rabbit, rat and mole habitation.

The machine is safe, requiring no servicing and no extra fittings to work on different size tunnels.

A mixture of oxygen and propane is pumped into the burrows to cause a controlled and safe collapse of the complex burrow system, thereby removing the risk of future inhabitants.

We offer a free demonstration at your location

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Humane & Safe

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Warrenater must only be used on previously emptied warrens or tunnels, and Robsons would recommend Phostoxin or a similar product to successfully remove the animals.

Under the terms of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is illegal to use Warrenater or any similar device to eradicate unwanted pests.

By owning the Warrenater you are in total control of removing pests from your property - legally, ethically and humanely. You can use it as often as required and reduce the cost from outside pest control companies.

What's in the Box?

Warrenater Kit comprises of:

  • Lance which delivers gas underground and ignites remotely
  • Single gas pipe with ignition cable heat shrunk to it 10meters
  • Control box which mixes the gasses and has ignition control
  • Gas pipes from gas cylinders
  • Oxygen & propane regulators
  • Fuel gas flashback arrester
  • Mole spade for use on mole runs
  • Ear defenders
  • Safety glasses
  • Hard hat
  • Manual with comprehensive training prior to delivery
  • Free delivery

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Oxygen and propane cylinders must be sourced independently. We are unable to supply the cylinders direct to you; Please contact your local gas supplier for details.